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Sam Cane – ex-con artist (sort of), ex-soldier (definitely), and woman on the run.

She’s looking to escape a life of petty crime on Earth that’s got her in too deep with the wrong people. Taking a job with one of the corporations contracted to open up and exploit new worlds in the growing Commonwealth, she’s assigned to a young colony right on the edge of human space. It looks like the perfect escape, until she arrives on IGC-187X and things start to go downhill. Fast.

Arriving at the colony site, she finds it mysteriously deserted, its communication systems sabotaged and her ride rapidly heading out of the system. Failing to repair the communications system in time, she realises she’s stuck on the apparently deserted planet unless she can get a deepspace message out. Exploring the colony site further, she realises two things – that something terrible has happened to the colonists, and that she’s not alone. She contacts survivors from the colony, who tell her they were forced to relocate due to raider activity, but their story doesn’t quite add up. Betrayed by them, she connects with the only sane person left – Adissa, the daughter of the colonial administrator, who has been living underground since her father had gone mad and led the colonists to a mysterious settlement elsewhere on the planet.

Suddenly, getting a message out has taken on a new urgency. Playing a deadly game of cat and mouth with the colonists, Sam and Adissa work together to try to get an old buried launch array on-line. The full horror of the situation starts to impact on Sam as she realises just how far the colonists have fallen and that something far worse is lurking hidden under the deserts of the arid world.

Out on the fringe, she’ll find out that what you’re running from isn’t always the thing that will kill you.

hard setdown cover


Guest Post 1 – The Evolution of Sam Cane

I started what was to become the first of the Sam Cane series quite a few years ago now. It looked very, very different to what hit the virtual shelves in 2016. I’d been watching a lot of films like Starship Troopers, and it showed. Square-jawed, good bloke hero, with a bit of a dark past goes toe-to-toe with a mysterious alien race attacking isolated frontier colonies, spiralling into a wider conflict. The background was a bit on the Dystopian side, with an authoritarian government ruling a vaguely militaristic state that’s a product of human civilization almost collapsing.

When I took some early chapters to my writers’ group, the main thing I took away was ‘what makes this different to any other MilSF out there?’. It was an excellent question, and one I went away to ponder. The project went into a digital drawer to ferment for a couple of years while I worked on other things.

I came back to it for… some reason I don’t recall. I decided pretty early on after I restarted that I wanted to get something in print by going down the self-publishing route, just to prove to myself that I could and to give myself a bit of a morale boost. I therefore didn’t try this with publishers, and it also set the length to novella/short novel (they range from 30-50k in length).

How I tackled the issue of making this a bit different is best reflected in the main character. I’d already made a conscious decision to be a bit less Dystopian and a bit more hopeful – I wanted to write a human society that, while not perfect, wasn’t despotic and had more or less done away with sexism, racism, homophobia and similar foolishness. I felt the main character, so as not to be bland in their ‘good guyness’ and to explore the world more effectively, had to be something of an outsider. I also wanted to avoid any sort of dark-secret trope while still creating an interesting backstory.

Sam – or more fully, Samrit Cane Kokhani – emerged from this process. Yes, along the way ‘he’ became a ‘she’. She’s an ex-soldier, but not the unassuming front-line hero type – she counted bullets and hated every second of it. She’s a career criminal, not because of anything that happened to her or because she’s come from abject poverty, but because of choices she made. She does have some secrets in her past, that have led her to try go straight. But, again, these are as a result of her choices rather than bad things that have happened to her. I wanted her to be someone who isn’t a victim, who isn’t driven by trauma, and most certainly doesn’t need rescuing. She occasionally just needs a hand when she gets herself into a sticky situation.

All of this flowed quite naturally from the decision to step away from a more traditional Marines in Space narrative. Once I’d got rid of most of those tropes (as much as I love that type of story), it became a lot easier to build an interesting character who, in turn, influenced the developing plot and gave me ideas for later instalments and spin-offs.

There were challenges, as well. Sam’s a difficult character, and in many ways not a nice person. I therefore had to make sure that there were likeable elements about her, like her sense of humour, her perseverance and her well-hidden softer side. At the same time, I didn’t want to build a Strong Female Protagonist who’s great and everything and looks stylish while doing it – she had to be fallible, she had to get things wrong, and she has to face up to her mistakes to fix them. I hope I’ve achieved that balance, and the feedback I’ve had so far has been very positive.

Sam’s been an absolute blast to write, probably my favourite in factm as well as being someone to spark a lot of other interesting characters off. I’m looking forward to continuing her adventures.

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Author Biography

Tim Chant grew up (mostly), went to school in East Anglia and university in Scotland. He took his History degree and did the only thing he could with it – joined the civil service. When not shackled to his desk he writes science fiction, alternative historical fiction, historical fiction and any other fiction that takes his fancy. When not doing that, he’s an inveterate roleplayer and wargamer (and getting back into historical fencing). He lives in Edinburgh with his partner and their two rabbits.







The Murder Pit by Mick Finlay #blogtour #murder #gripping #TheMurderPit @HQStories @MickFinlay2

London Society takes their problems to Sherlock Holmes. Everyone else goes to Arrowood.

1896: Sherlock Holmes has once again hit the headlines, solving mysteries for the cream of London society. But among the workhouses and pudding shops of the city, private detective William Arrowood is presented with far grittier, more violent, and considerably less well-paid cases.

Arrowood is in no doubt who is the better detective, and when Mr and Mrs Barclay engage him to trace their estranged daughter Birdie, he’s sure it won’t be long before he and his assistant Barnett have tracked her down.

But this seemingly simple missing person case soon turns into a murder investigation. Far from the comfort of Baker Street, Arrowood’s London is a city of unrelenting cruelty, where evil is waiting to be uncovered . . .

My Review

With thanks to HQ Stories for providing me with a copy to read and review, for the blog tour. I have always been a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, so to read about the next best detective – Arrowood, felt like a journey I was looking forward to.

The story is told through the eyes and ears of Arrowood’s side kick – Barnett, so it was good to read about his views on what is going on, as I feel it wouldn’t work if it was told by Arrowood, purely because he has his own strange methods to getting his results, his arrogance could possible get in the way, in justifying the way he works, although with Barnett he can see it from a different point of view. Barnett himself also has something to bring to the story, including his own emotions and feelings.

After William Arrowood and Norman Barnett receive a call to investigate into a young girl that married on, but lost all contact with her parents, under the strange circumstances, the parents now feel something is terribly wrong.

Reading about the learning or developmental disabilities at that time in 1890s, was very misunderstood and frightening. It was sad to see how they were treated, but it gave this story depth and meaning.

The story telling is enticing and addictive, you are gripped from the beginning, not only by the need to know more, but also about how the story is told, you can feel the surroundings and what it felt like at that Victorian time, dark and atmospheric. London was not a place to be complacent in, everyone was out for their own welfare and benefit.

I enjoyed the relationship between Arrowood and Barnett, they have their own distinctive characteristics, however at times they used each other in ways that work to get results. They both bring something to the investigation, supportive at times you think won’t last.

I would defiantly recommend this book, even though it was the second in the series, I didn’t feel I had to read the first one to enjoy this story, However, I have no doubt I will at some point read the first one – Arrowood, purely because Mick Finlay provides a great book to read!

You can purchase it here at Amazon.

About the Author

Mick Finlay was born in Glasgow and grew up in Canada and England. He now divides his time between Brighton and Cambridge. Mick teaches in a Psychology Department, and has published research on political violence, persuasion, and verbal and non-verbal behaviour. Before becoming an academic, he ran a market stall on Portobello Road, and has worked as a tent-hand in a travelling circus, a butcher’s boy, a hotel porter, and in various jobs in the NHS and social services. He writes historical crime fiction set in 1890s South London, and his first novel ‘Arrowood’ (HQ Harper Collins) was published in 2017. The sequel, ‘The Murder Pit’ is coming out January 10, 2019 (UK).




Eat Less #review @urbanebooks #lovebooksgrouptours

The easiest way to lose weight and keep it off for life Jeremy and Georgina Jackson-Sytner.

Eat Less is a revolutionary book designed to help people lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for life.

Eat Less is NOT a diet book. It doesn’t read like a diet book or look like a diet book. Eat Less is an anti-obesity manifesto.

Eat Less is stuffed with bite-sized nuggets of information on the benefits of eating less, advice on what to eat less of, and much more. Informative and motivational, the underlying message is very serious, but the manner in which it delivers those messages is never preachy and easily digestible. Eat Less offers practical advice on the life-changing benefits that simply eating
less food can bring.

Eat Less really works. The authors are living proof that the habit-changing lifestyle they set out could help millions of people easily get to a healthy
weight and maintain it for life.

Obesity rates have doubled over the past two decades, and 63% of UK adults are overweight, according to the OECD.

Full PR campaign, including national newspaper coverage and TV appearances, already confirmed.

My Review

I was kindly offered by Love Books Group Tours to join this unusual blog tour about eating less. I took this opportunity, as I find different styles can affect how you loose weight and how you feel, this book definitely caught my eye.

The book itself is a good size to read, it is straight to the point on every page, with interesting and thought provoking information, that has obviously been researched in depth, to provide the reader with some details they can clearly use to benefit their eating habits. I loved the comparisons between our food plates, our fridges and for some wine glasses! All very relatable details, the pictures used alongside the bright orange and black theme, gives the reader time to process the next piece of information they are about to read. It is not a ‘how to’ book, it only provides a little information on what is good for you, how you can adjust how you eat and why. It doesn’t tell you what you should exactly eat, although at the back of the book, it does give you a rough food guide to follow, if you feel you need that help.

After reading this book I will take away a few things I can do straight away, such as stopping eating at 7pm and not eating til the morning, which was referred to as ‘fasting’. This is the type of fasting I can do, without panicking I might start eating the wrong things during the day! Using smaller plates, decreasing what I am putting into my body. Drinking more water, especially warm water, which is also a problem when you forget how important it is!

I also appreciated that it discusses what is good to drink, why sleep is also important. How exercise is not the final answer, however it does help. Which is a huge relief to someone who isn’t naturally sporty!

I loved the references to war time, where there were rations. The rations were provided, so that everyone had the right amount of nutrition, something I feel would be a great advantage to todays society.

As a final note and a little giggle for me, (I have only just seen this!), but on the side of the book (obviously someone has a sense of humour!) it says ‘How to stay this slim’ – referring to the width of the book!

I would definitely recommend this book, it is one that will stay on my shelf, that I will probably delve into every now and then, to remind myself of the importance of how to eat less, sleep better, drink healthier and become a better me. I’m not one of those people to take this one on fully straight away, however there are a lot of pieces of advice, that I feel are invaluable and can be done.

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About the Authors

Following a long career as an advertising creative, Jeremy has turned a lifelong fascination with food, diets and eating into a personal mission. Eat Less is Jeremy’s and wife Georgina’s impassioned attempt to get people everywhere to think more about what they eat and how they eat. The inspiration for this book came soon after he lost 2 stone in weight, simply by eating less and removing sugar and grain from his diet. Georgina is a certified group fitness instructor and runs regular mobile exercise classes in Battersea Park. Alongside this, she has developed a formula to help individuals lose weight, using a tailored weight loss management service and offering customised eating plans. 

The Chestnut Man by Søren Sveistrup #blogtour #review #murder #suspense #thriller #TheChestnutMan

The Chestnut Man Jacket

One Tuesday in October, Rosa Hartung is returning to her job as minister for social affairs following a year’s leave of absence – granted after the dramatic disappearance of her twelve- year-old daughter. Linus Bekker, a mentally ill young man, confessed to her killing, but is unable to remember where he buried the various parts of her dismembered corpse.

On the same day Rosa returns to Parliament, a young single mother is found brutally murdered at her home in the suburbs of Copenhagen-she’s been tortured, and one hand has been cut off. Thulin and Hess, the detectives sent to investigate the crime, arrive at the address to find a figure made of chestnuts hanging from a playhouse nearby.

When yet another woman is murdered-this time with both hands missing-and another chestnut figure is found, Thulin and Hess begin to suspect a connection with the Hartung case. But what is it?

Thulin and Hess are racing against the clock, because its clear that the murderer is on a mission that is far from over…

My Review
With thanks to Jenny Platt Publicity Manager at Michael J Books for inviting me to join the blog tour of this very exciting book!
This is a fast paced, gripping story of secrets and murder! With plenty of mutilation while the victims are alive and chasing after suspects, it holds you to the story, as it continues to grip you throughout to the very end!
The two main police detectives in this case; Naia Thulin and Mark Hessen are a mismatch of character and career history, giving an unusual edge to their working lives.
As they investigate into these new disturbing murders, a previous case from the past rises up, to become part of this murderers trait of leaving behind a personal signature, of a Chestnut Man! How is this related to these new murders, is it important to identifying the killer!?!
Within the story, there are plenty of forensics techniques that you read about, giving you more depth, to how these murders are investigated.
The story itself is easy to follow and is told in a manner that engages the reader to prepare for new twists, while allowing new surprises to make you think more!
I was shocked when the proof arrived at being 500 pages long, however this is a fast paced, gripping and captivating book to read. I definitely recommend reading this book, one to be on the list of ‘to be read in 2019’!

Buy it here at Amazon.

About the Author
Søren Sveistrup is an internationally acclaimed scriptwriter of the Danish television phenomenon The Killing which won various international awards and sold in more than a hundred countries.
Søren Sveistrup (born 1968) holds a master of Literature and History from the University of Copenhagen and has graduated as script writer from the Danish Film School.


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Christmas Miracles at the Little Log Cabin #blogtour #Christmas #love #FeelGood

Christmas Miracles at the Little Log Cabin

Christmas Miracles at the Little Log Cabin

Do you believe in Christmas Miracles?

Holly is looking for a change and even though not everyone agrees with her career choices, she’s determined there’s more to this life than the long hours she works as an editor in New York City. What she doesn’t expect is to meet Mitch, a recluse who’s hiding more than she realises. 

Mitch does all he can to avoid human contact, spending his days in the little log cabin out in the woods behind Inglenook Falls where he owns a Christmas tree farm, so when Holly falls into his life, he’s not sure how to react. All he knows is that something needs to change if he ever wants to get his life back on track. 

Along with friends Cleo and Darcy, Holly is determined to bring joy back to Mitch’s life, but will he appreciate their interference? And when a business proposition throws everything up in the air, will it do more harm than good and ruin lives forever? 

Both Holly and Mitch must learn that on the surface people aren’t always what they seem…but if you dig a little deeper, they can take you by surprise.

Curl up this Christmas for plenty of snowflakes, roaring log fires, a marriage proposal, unlikely friendships and second chances as we return to the much-loved characters in the New York Ever After series.

Christmas miracles for amazon and websites etc

My Review

With thanks to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources, for inviting me to join this gloriously Christmas blog tour. 

While reading this story I enjoyed learning about the new challenges that Holly engages in, on her journey of her new career, becoming more independent and finding out what she can do. Mitch I feel from the very beginning was someone that is very intriguing with his secrecy to his life and why he preferred to be alone. As you read on, you find out why he is like he is, which in itself is a very unfortunate and emotional situation to be living in, you can only feel like he just needs a chance, to bring himself back to his former self.

Mitch’s cabin and the surrounding forest of Christmas trees, is wonderfully described, the feeling of snow crunching under your feet, to the warmth of the inside of the cabin. The beauty of the cabin inside is described with finesse, allowing the reading to appreciate the surroundings.

When Holly and Mitch meet, the circumstances are not quite as simple or even sociable, to the point you get to know Mitch as someone, that actually is very caring and gentle, but also practical!

The friendships that develop and family that surround this story supporting Holly, are warming, which brings people even closer at Christmas. 

This is a typical Christmas feel good festive story to read, thoroughly enjoyable and even though this is the final in the series, I felt it was fine as a standalone.

I would recommend this wonderfully Christmassy book to devour over the holidays!

Purchase Links 

Amazon UK – 

Amazon US – 

Author Bio – Helen J Rolfe writes contemporary women’s fiction and enjoys weaving stories about family, friendship, secrets, and community. Characters often face challenges and must fight to overcome them, but above all, Helen’s stories always have a happy ending. 

Location is a big part of the adventure in Helen’s books and she enjoys setting stories in different cities and countries around the world. So far, locations have included Melbourne, Sydney, New York, Connecticut, Bath and the Cotswolds.

Author Photograph Helen Rolfe (4).jpg

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Review of Bookworm Candles and Crafts – December’s Candle – Weasley Sweater #review #candle #discountcode

I was very kindly offered to receive this month’s candle from Bookworm Candles & Crafts – Weasley Sweater, for an honest review.

Weasley Sweater is a Harry Potter inspired candle with scent notes of magical knitting, tradition and part of the family, this candle has a festive feel to it with juniper berries, pine and warm cotton.

I adore this packaging that this candle arrived in, a fun striped packet with ‘made with love, thank you’ sticker to seal it. This makes it perfect as a gift!

The tin the candle sits in is very well made and screws on, which stops any damage or dust getting into the candle while you are not using it. Great for storage, so you don’t loose any of the scent.

The candle has a fun bright sticker on the top explaining what the candle is and that it is made of pure soy. A sticker on the side is part of the fun element, on this one it says ‘Hey, look Harry’s got a Weasley sweater, too!…’ The candle tin lid also has a decorative, fluffy ring with pearl shaped heart. I feel a lot of attention to detail has been paid to ensure, not only the inside but the outside is just as important. 

When I opened the candle tin, I got exactly what the candle is described as; juniper berries, pine and warm cotton, a very pleasant scent. The candle glistens beautifully with three sturdy candle wicks to light, ensuring even melting.

This candle smells like a huge warm hug, a quite addictive scent!

So, the best part of this review for you, is that I can share a huge 20% discount off the entire range of Bookworm Candles & Crafts. Just make your choice here on the website and type in BLOGGERS20 for your discount.

The Lights of Time by Paul Ian Cross #blogtour #timetravel #secrets #giveaway

The Lights of Time.png

The Lights of Time

Engella Rhys is alone, adrift and on the run. Pursued by a secret agency, known only as the Hunters, she must stay ahead to stay alive.

As she travels through space-time using dangerously experimental technology, she only has one wish: to be reunited with her lost parents. After a close shave with a Hunter on the streets of New Shanghai, Engella escapes to find herself on a deserted beach. When she meets a kind stranger, who offers her food and shelter, Engella feels safe and protected for the first time in years.

But who is this woman? And why did their paths cross at the most convenient of times?

Engella soon discovers their lives are intertwined in more ways than she could ever imagine.

Purchase Links:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

The Lights of Time - eBook cover - High Res.jpg

My Review

I would like to thank Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to join the blog tour for The Lights of Time. I received the paperback copy unfortunately, a little later than expected due to a printing delay, so I have not had enough time to read the whole book, however I have read 100 pages, and I’m already feeling this is a book of adventure and secrets!

The story starts fast paced as you get to know a little about the main character; Engella Rhys, a little girl alone in this world of the future. Within a few chapters the pace of the story picks up, as she is chased through time. She meets someone very friendly and offers her a place to rest and eat, Annys herself has her own secrets! You find out more quite quickly, as the journey onwards becomes a fighting one to survive!

I have met a few other characters along the way now, the Hunters and what they are trying to achieve in their mission. A young boy who enjoys watching lights in the sky and savouring the stars.

This is as far as my journey has taken me …

I will be placing my updated review on this one, once I have fully read the book, which will hopefully be by the end of the week, at the very latest. I am very excited to carry on and finish the book, I have recently become a fan of Science Fiction and this one doesn’t seem to disappoint!

****** Updated – Book now read! *****

After my first part of my review I can only say that I continued to read on with anticipation, learning more about time travel, how it affects you and the surprises it brings along with it! This adventure has many twists and turns, you learn so much more about Engella, her family, past and how they become part of this time jumping story. There are so many parts within this story, especially at the end that made me smile, with a knowing that Engella’s adventure has only just begun.

This story is gripping, it makes you ask questions so that you want to read on, the finale is definitely the next stage to book 2, as the adventure continues not alone, however with people around Engella to support her this time.

I must admit I am quite fond of Rupert (the chocolate labrador), this was an element of the story at first, I felt just a piece to add character to the storyline, however you learn later on, that he is so much more!

I would definitely recommend this book, it is fun, I felt reasonably easy to follow, regardless of the time jumping and a storyline that has so many twists, it offers the reader something unusual to enjoy, with characters that you can relate to, each one adding something special within the story.

Author Bio –

Paul Ian Cross is a multi-award-winning children’s author and scientist from London, UK.

Paul works in clinical research (developing new medicines) and he’s also involved in science communication; presenting science to non-scientists. He enjoys his science career but he also has a real passion for writing stories! He likes introducing children to the wonders of science, especially reluctant readers. By introducing science creatively, he aims to spark their interest; allowing them to gain confidence with their reading. As a previous reluctant reader himself, he understands how hard it can be. But it’s all about making reading fun and interesting!

Paul’s nephew Hayden influenced his decision to become a writer. He loved seeing Hayden’s reaction when his sister Michelle first read one of Paul’s stories to him!

In his spare time, Paul likes to visit new and exciting places. One of his favourite places is Scotland, especially the Isle of Skye.

Paul’s debut picture book, Praxx and the Ringing Robot, won second prize in the ‘Picture Books 5 and Younger’ category at the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 2017. The book trailer also won first place in the ‘book trailer’ category at the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards later that year.

Paul’s second book, Planet Scrabbage and the Vegerons, won an honourable mention in both the ‘Picture Books 6 and Over’ and ‘Health’ categories at the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 2018.

And that brings us to now… Paul is currently working on several new books. Paul’s debut upper middle grade novel will be published in 2018. The Lights of Timeis the first novel in a brand-new series: The Chronicles of Engella Rhys.

Paul hopes you enjoy reading his stories as much as he enjoyed writing them!

 Social Media Links –







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Giveaway – Win  a Kindle HD Fire 7” and a signed copy of The Lights of Time (UK Only)

*Terms and Conditions –UK entries welcome.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below.  The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then I reserve the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over.  Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will passed to the giveaway organiser and used only for fulfilment of the prize, after which time I will delete the data.  I am not responsible for despatch or delivery of the prize.


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A Hollow Sky by M. Sean Coleman #blogtour #murder #secrets #mystery

A Hollow Sky.png

A Hollow Sky


Jane Hewitt had been miraculously healed—cured of a terminal cancer that had been eating away at her body for months. After one meeting with an incredible young woman, Jane rose from her wheelchair and walked out, believing that her lifetime of devoted faith had been rewarded.

The next day, Jane died in her husband’s arms, devastated that her God had deserted her. Her husband, Ian, blames her hastened death on the faith healer she visited. But that faith healer is a teenage girl called Megan, who has been in a coma for five years, and has no say over how her gift is used.

When Ian is arrested after being accused of breaking in to Megan’s house and trying to tamper with her life support, he turns to the only person he knows can help clear his name, and stop this family deceiving any other victims—Dr Alex Ripley, the so called Miracle Detective.

Fascinated by Megan’s case, and needing a distraction, Ripley finds herself on Holy Island, off the coast of North Wales, caught up in an investigation that will prove more sinister and dangerous than she could have imagined. Ian is not the first person to complain about Megan and her supporters, but he seems to be the only one left alive. For now.

A Hollow Sky is the second Alex Ripley Mystery


Purchase Links

UK –Amazon

US – Amazon

Direct from Red Dog Press

My Review

With huge thanks to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources, for offering this book to read, for the blog tour. The synopsis was very intriguing and I was so glad I joined in, only regretting that I didn’t take up the Cuckoo Wood too (Book 1 of the Alex Ripley Mystery books from M. Sean Coleman).

The characters within the story are very engaging, meeting each one of them as they arrived on the scene, brought to light what was happening within the story and how they were involved.

Alex Ripley is a fascinating character and with her own worries to deal with, she is still a strong character to be reckoned with! As she offered to support Ian in his quest to find out the truth about this miracle healer, you get to know a lot more about the locals, how protective they are and how far they will go to keep the peace.

I really enjoyed learning more about the healer and how this young girl gave so much hope to so many people, with a few just recently that were not as successful, which is the start of the complaints that become evident, where belief is not stronger than seeing.

The descriptions used for the surrounding areas were very distinct and played, I feel an important role within the reading of the story, adding depth and intensity.

This book had me going all the way through with every page something different happening, however it was the last 100 pages that I read on, in one sitting! At the end, the chapters jumped to different characters and what they were going through, not at one point did I feel confused, it only made me read on even faster!

There were so many twists to the characters and the things they did to protect others, to the secrets they held, only made this story fascinating, a story line that I have not come across before but was believable.

The ending (no spoilers) was perfect, I felt my reading of the book was complete and I had no further questions, just a moment of contentment.

I absolutely recommend this book to read, it is one of those ‘must reads’! I will be hoping to read the Cuckoo Wood (Book 1) in the near future.

Author Bio – Born in the UK and raised in South Africa, M. Sean Coleman developed a love for reading and writing novels in his early teens, thanks to two incredibly passionate English teachers who infected him with their love of words and stories. Over the intervening years, he has written film and television drama, cross-platform series, an interactive children’s storybook and a graphic novel series.
He finally found his niche as a thriller writer when he was asked to write a novel as part of the cross-platform project, Netwars. His first book, The Code, was published six months later, with the sequel, Down Time, hot on its heels. There was no going back.
He is obsessed with crime, mystery and thriller stories, especially those with a fresh or surprising angle. He writes novels from his home in The Cotswolds, where he lives with his husband and their three red dogs.

Social Media Links –  



A Hollow Sky MSeanColeman_AuthorPhoto_HiRes.jpg

Giveaway to win paperback copies of The Cuckoo Wood and A Hollow Sky, a cool tote bag with book quote from the publisher, a branded bookmark and some chocolates (Open INT)

*Terms and Conditions –Worldwide entries welcome.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below.  The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then I reserve the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over.  Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will passed to the giveaway organiser and used only for fulfilment of the prize, after which time I will delete the data.  I am not responsible for despatch or delivery of the prize.


A Hollow Sky Giveaway Prize

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Pick ‘n’ Melt Christmas treats! A new review for these wonderful and very addictive candle melts! #PicknMelt @PicknMelt

I was very fortunate to receive my next subscription of melts from this fantastic company, Pick ‘n’ melt. Not only did I receive my normal 12 pack of chosen scented melts,  I received a perfectly timed Advent Calendar, that contains 25 Christmas themed melts! So when receiving that, I had no idea that I would be spoilt by receiving; to be honest my favourite items, the mini candle melt jars!


As mentioned in my first blog review, the packaging is very fun and striking! The packaging is very well made and makes it perfect as a gift for yourself, or anyone else.

IMG_0330 2

The advent calendar is a very fun addition to the melt selection on offer, with this being all about Christmas, I am looking forward to the Christmas inspired scents that I will open every day, til Christmas day!


In my subscription (seen on the right in the above photograph) these were my chosen selection this month, you can change these monthly so you will never have the same ones, with over 350 to choose from, you can’t go wrong! A smell for everyone!

This month I chose:

Cocoa Butter, Sandalwood & Musk, Cornish Ice Cream, Lavender, Daffodil, Dreams, Thai Lime & Mango, Highland Heather, Fresh Cut Grass, Cola Cubes, Jasmin and Honey.

Now for my favourite design in the melt products – the little candle jars. These are gloriously cute, they come in this most delightful box, that they sit in comfortably, this would definitely make a fabulous gift.

These are the scents I received; One Million, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Joop, Coo Loco, Fruity Crimbo, Blueberry & Vanilla, Raspberry Trifle, Christmas Spice and Baby Powder.

The scents themselves from Pick ‘n’ Melt are pungent but enjoyable, they last long and while you are not burning them, the scent stays around providing a subtle fragrance.

The new website is very helpful when it comes to picking your scents, they are placed in categories and you can read about the scent you wish to pick, which I think adds to the fun of choosing your next scent.

The idea of picking your product, picking your package then the scent, gives you great flexibility in choice. The cost of the candles and melts are not high, so they are affordable and with them lasting, you can’t go wrong!

I can’t recommend this company enough, you have so much choice from the different products to the packages on offer, you will never be without a scent to enjoy!

Find the Pick ‘n’ Melt here.

Mavis and Dot by Angela Petch #blogtour #friends #Seaside #giggles

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Mavis and Dot

A warm slice of life, funny, feel-good, yet poignant. Introducing two eccentric ladies who form an unlikely friendship. Meet Mavis and Dot – two colourful, retired ladies who live in Worthington-on-Sea, where there are charity shops galore. Apart from bargain hunting, they manage to tangle themselves in escapades involving illegal immigrants, night clubs, nude modelling, errant toupees and more. And then there’s Mal, the lovable dog who nobody else wants. A gently humorous, often side-splitting, heart-warming snapshot of two memorable characters with past secrets and passions. Escape for a couple of hours into this snapshot of a faded, British seaside town. You’ll laugh and cry but probably laugh more.

“This book is quirky and individual, and has great pathos…[it] will resonate with a lot of readers.” Gill Kaye – Editor of Ingenu(e). Written with a light touch in memory of a dear friend who passed away from ovarian cancer, Angela Petch’s seaside tale is a departure from her successful Tuscan novels.

All profits from the sale of the books will go towards research into the cure for cancer.

Purchase Links

UK – Amazon

US – Amazon

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My Review

With thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for offering me a place to join the blog tour of this delightful book.

Mavis and Dot are two very loveable characters, that I really appreciated as their lives unfold within the story. The history and the secrets that one of them holds is deep and does affect their future, however with the courage to talk about it, they are able to share those moments, alongside lots of fun and giggles!

They both have very different characters, although they seem to make it work. Their love for charity shops made me giggle, the things they brought for various reasons, brought a light touch to the story and how they spend their retired time together.

Mavis and Dot go through different emotions, one being over weight, attempting exercise that doesn’t go quite as planned, but provides the reader with laugh out loud emotions.

A must read, a story that will stay with you and characters you will adore! With all profits going to a cancer research charity, this is an ideal read for many reasons.

Author Bio

A prize-winning author, Angela Petch lives half the year in West Sussex and the summer months in a remote valley in the Tuscan Apennines. She recently signed a two-book deal with Bookouture for her Tuscan novels and “Mavis and Dot” is a temporary departure from her usual genre.She has travelled all her life: born in Germany, she spent six years as a child living in Rome, worked in Amsterdam after finishing her degree in Italian, moved to Italy for her job, then to Tanzania for three years. Her head is full of stories and she always carries a pen and note-book to capture more ideas.

In May 2017, Angela Petch won PRIMA’S monthly short story competition and recently had a dozen stories published by The People’s Friendmagazine.

“Mavis and Dot” was written in memory of a dear friend who lost her battle with ovarian cancer. All profits from sales of the book will go towards research into a cure for cancer.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AngelaJaneClarePetch/

Twitter: @Angela_Petch

Website: https://angelapetchsblogsite.wordpress.com


“Tuscan Roots” (to be reissued by Bookouture in 2019) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tuscan-Roots-tangle-Italian-Apennines-ebook/dp/B01DDQDMDE/

“Now and Then in Tuscany” – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Now-Then-Tuscany-Italian-journeys-ebook/dp/B06Y8Y17MG




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