The House

I received The House by Simon Leic quite a while ago, although my tbr pile has been growing, I had promised others a read and review first, it was only when @bookmarkthatuk did a review which intrigued me, to find out more.

For some strange reason or the fact maybe a house is a good way to develop a story around, I have now read three books based around a ‘house’ and I’ve just received another! Before reading this one I felt optimistic, the other two didn’t have any similarities as such, so I felt I might go wrong here and not enjoy it – can’t be another house theme and be that good, can it!? So, I did read @bookmarkthatuk review so I had an idea it would be good, however OMG it was brilliant …


I was wary at the beginning because the couple (who the story is based around), were writing a story and it was every chapter ‘he said, she said’ and I have sometimes not always appreciated that way of writing.

However, from the very beginning you get this feeling, something doesn’t seem normal and that is where the creepiness starts to draw you in! This book is definitely tense and gripping! Baring in mind I finished this in a day! Not many books can do that to me!

The story talks about family ties and how unfortunately some families have unforgivable things happen to them – no spoilers. In some cases you do feel very sorry for some of the characters and the author helps you understand, where they are coming from and how it effects their actions.

Throughout the story you want to know where the next chapter will take you, where it will lead to and why it’s effecting them. I can’t say how thrilling this book is to read, for me it’s a must read no doubt!

My husband always comments on the front cover and even though this was a proof, it did what it ‘said’ (showed) on the tin (front cover)!

The book is already published and in the wild, go and buy it, you will love it! 😊📚



Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru.

I was very kindly sent this proof from Point Blank books, after a cheeky email asking to read and review. I was very intrigued by the front cover! I would love to think this will be on the final copy.


Within a few chapters into the book, you are engrossed into the characters and what they are about, there are a few points at the beginning which made me feel a little squeamish – mummified bird parts (no spoilers but it’s not ‘gory horror’) but it was necessary to develop the story and for you to appreciate one of the characters.

The story is well written, you feel as though you are there in Philadelphia 1844, the description of what the characters do, helps to envisage where they are and how they feel. Every character had an important role to play in this story.

This book definitely kept me guessing which I enjoyed very much, as you think you know where it’s heading, with lots of twists and turns! The blurb on the back keeps your imagination alert, as you read the story 😉, sorry no spoilers.

I would describe this book as a mixture of Hercule Poirot and National Treasure (film), the characters worked together to solve the mysteries.

This book made me smile and I definitely wanted to read on to find out more.

I would recommend this book and I look forward to reading more from Karen Lee Street. The publication date is 3 May 2018.

The House Swap by Rebecca Fleet

The House Swap

I was very fortunate to be given this proof for an honest review by Poppy Stimpson (Publicity Manager).

I had a pre-terminated idea about this book, understanding it was a thriller.

I read this book in over 24 hours so there’s to say it’s worth reading!

For me a book needs to be gripping from early on, I have quite a few books on my tbr list and I hate the thought of reading a book that can’t send me to another place. I did feel that the beginning was just a story about a couple and their lives, however, after persevering it was worth finishing.

The story is based about the ups and downs of a family (mainly the couple), with a lot of other things in the mix, some things don’t go quite as expected!

I got to over half way, when things start to  become very disturbing, I didn’t guess where at one point where the plot was going – this was a surprise! This story shocks you, makes you frustrated, keeps you wanting more and you do feel some torment for the ones caught up in the web of lies and deceit.

Rebecca Fleet (Author), makes use of jumping from the different times of two years, as the plot unfolds and the different sides of each character witg their views as they see it. This is easy to follow, I wasn’t sure if we needed to know about Francis as much, as the story is mainly about Caroline, however without his view there would be too many questions, so in the end his view is vital to the unfolding of the story.

Life can never be planned out and it takes unfortunate mistakes to be made, for the future to continue.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it is a great thriller and keeps you guessing, it makes you think about how things can sometimes go horribly wrong! The grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

Release date 3rd May 2018.image



Truly Madly Guilty!

So, last year I purchased Liane Moriarty’s Truly Madly Guilty. I was watching how others said how great Big Little Lies book was and how so many people loved the TV series. I’m not into many TV series, so I didn’t watch it and thought I would read this one, as by the same Author, should be great. However, after purchasing the book I saw so many people saying it’s no way as good as Big Little Lies! I felt like “ahhh”, so time has passed as I’ve received and purchased other books, this one has just been left on my shelf as one of my tbr.

I have just finished reading it, not realising what type of genre it was, so if you like to be a fly on the wall in suburbia, this is one for you!

It has everything you would expect some families to go through and the feelings of the characters are raw and true, you can feel that through the writing.

There are areas of shock, which does make you want to read on, to find out what happens next!

Some areas are hard to read, as they are very sad on the side of emotion and you feel like shouting (like in the films – why didn’t you …).

Liane Moriarty does explain everything, so you don’t feel as though there is a gap in the story, as the book moves from different couples to the day of the barbecue, which is where this story is heading towards and how this day plays to the future of the people involved.

I will admit, I read it all quite quickly, so it’s easy to read/understand and it was an okay book, it was interesting and some parts made me aware of family life sometimes, you just need to talk things through whatever age you are. However, not for me unfortunately. I’m pleased I have read it and it’s not that it’s not a great book, it just wasn’t for me. If you enjoy reading about other people’s lives and relationships, please read this 😊

My first book review – Map of the Heart by Susan Wiggs

When your asked to do a review I’m up for reading most genres, I was slightly optimistic as I wouldn’t choose to pick a romance of any kind. However and so surprisingly, I absolutely adore this book!

Before reading I did read the excerpt on the back as a starter, I was intrigued (I love to read mysteries!) so I thought let’s get going, I promised a review so I will read through and see how it goes!

Wow, I was so far off my original feelings … I adore this book! I would describe it as ‘beautiful’, I know what your thinking ‘beautiful’??

I won’t give any spoilers as I believe a review is a personal thing and everyone should get a chance to read a book without giving away the plot.

From the very beginning the story begins, there is no drag throughout the story so you are not reading thinking ‘yes that’s ok but I don’t really need to know this!’ Something I found from a book a friend gave me to read!

You get to know each character right up until the end which keeps you intrigued into their own thoughts and feelings. They are all believable characters, as the story unwinds you feel like one of the characters or at most a fly on the wall!

I loved the ease of reading from modern day back into the Second World War. I was always a fan of Joanne Harris and her books based in France, but this was amazing, you could get lost in this book with the descriptive background, smells and thoughts. Yes, I did shed a few tears at certain points, always a good sign of a great book!

The story itself covered many what I call life angles; bullying, loss and love. I was worried it would be all romance but it’s far from that, the ending is what I hoped for, giving closure to so many questions I had while reading.

This book is a fabulous choice for a beach holiday, although I could quite happily read it in winter with my hot chocolate and the feeling of getting away somewhere warm and sunny!

Would I recommend this book … absolutely, and I would love to read more of Susan Wiggs books!

From reading this book, I’ve decided to read Anne Franks Diary as I feel the need to read more books of our past and understand more about what happened many years ago. Open my eyes and mind to different genres.

Go read this book, it’s ‘beautiful’! Happy feelings book!

Hello! My first blog post.

I’ve decided to start a simple blog about what I read and if I can provide others with reviews that might help to pick great reads!

Maybe get the chance to read books for authors that they wish me to review!

I’m a member of a couple of Facebook groups that talk about books, do book exchanges and generally have a laugh about books!

I’ve done a couple of international exchanges, every time I have been gifted books I wouldn’t have chosen, however they have opened my eyes to other genres I wouldn’t normally pick!

So I’m looking forward to reading more and blogging about it! 😊