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A vicious serial killer roams the Irish Midlands… with his sights set on the next victim. A successful businessman has found the perfect recipe for getting away with murder. No bodies, no evidence. No evidence, no suspect.High art and low morals collide when graduate Sharona Waters discovers a multi-million euro art scam in play. She delves in, unwittingly putting herself on a direct trajectory with danger as the killer accelerates his murder spree. When Sharona gets drawn into the killer’s orbit, she peels away his public persona and exposes the psychopath underneath. Suddenly, the small town has no hiding place…



Hiding in Plain Sight by Eoghan Egan

Irish Midlands. January 2019.
ADAM STYNE, art dealer by day, serial killer by night, buries his latest victim on an isolated farm and focuses on his next prey, CIARA MCGUIRE. 

Ciara’s father, Charlie, runs a hardware business that’s facing bankruptcy, and his son owes money to a loan shark. When the loan shark demands full repayment of the gambling debt, Charlie doesn’t have the cash, but consents to his extrovert brother-in-law, FERDIA HARDIMAN, settling the debt. Charlie offers recently redundant sales manager HUGH FALLON a part-time position in his business, hoping a solid influence will steady his wayward son. Hugh has his own troubles. His relationship is on the rocks and his mother has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. These personal issues sets him on a downward spiral. 

In Belfast, Hugh’s friend, art graduate SHARONA WATERS, is helping a wealthy widow track a mislaid painting, and discovers a multi-million euro art scam, perpetrated by Adam Styne’s colleague, is in play, and unwittingly places herself on a direct trajectory with deadly danger.

Styne’s first face-to-face meeting with Ciara McGuire doesn’t go as planned. He follows her home, abducts and murders her. Next day, after a colleague has been arrested for art fraud, Styne blames Sharona Waters for meddling and potentially ruining both his business and reputation, putting everything he has worked for in jeopardy. He decides she’ll be next to die.

Hugh and Sharona are having a phone conversation when Styne looms outside Sharona’s door. Hugh picks up a few garbled words when Sharona screams the art dealer’s name, and he rushes to his friend’s rescue. A car chase ensues across the Midlands. At Styne’s farm, Hugh walks into a trap and is knocked out. He regains consciousness as Styne prepares to kill Sharona. When a sliver of opportunity materialises, Hugh seizes an advantage, and with the certain knowledge of death if he fails, he manages to turn the tables and save Sharona from the psychopath’s clutches.

Ciara’s disappearance causes panic within the rural community, but Ferdia is convinced the loan shark has kidnapped her as collateral against the unpaid debt. He goes after the money lender and fights three thugs, before accepting they’re not responsible, fully aware now, there’ll be consequences down the line for his knee-jerk reaction.

Sharona’s role in unravelling the art swindle leads to a new career – a TV station offers her the position of investigative reporter.
With a potential new relationship brewing, and a full-time position at McGuire’s on offer, Hugh’s management skills will help pull the ailing company from insolvency. Although his mother’s health deteriorates, he gives himself an opportunity to build a new life. 

Under twenty-four guard, Adan Styne overhears he’ll be transferred to a psychiatric hospital. The predator plots ways to outwit psychiatrists, beat the system and gain retribution on Hugh and Sharona. 

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About the Author

A native of Co. Roscommon, Eoghan studied Computer Programming in college, works in Sales Management & Marketing, but his passion for reading and writing remains.

Eoghan’s work got shortlisted for the 2018 Bridport Short Story Prize, and Listowel’s 2019 Bryan McMahon Short Story Award Competition. His novel was a contender in literary agent David Headley’s opening chapter Pitch Competition, and during March 2019, Eoghan’s entry won Litopia’s Pop-Up Submission.

A graduate of Maynooth University’s Creative Writing Curriculum, and Curtis Brown’s Edit & Pitch Your Novel Course, Eoghan’s novel Hiding in Plain Sight – the first in a crime fiction trilogy based around the Irish Midlands – will be available in paperback and audio on January 11th 2020.


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Into The Crooked Place by Alexandra Christo #review @TinaMories @HotKeyBooksYA @alliechristo


Magic rules the city of Creije Capital and Tavia Syn knows just how many tricks she needs up her sleeve to survive. Selling dark magic on the streets for her kingpin, she keeps clear of other crooks, counting the days until her debt is paid and she can flee her criminal life.

But then, one day, with her freedom in sight, Tavia uncovers a sinister plot that threatens to destroy the realm she calls home. Desperate to put an end to her kingpin’s plan, Tavia forms an unlikely alliance with three crooks even more deadly than her:

Wesley, the kingpin’s prodigy and most renewed criminal in the realm

Karam, an underground fighter with a penchant for killing first and forgetting to ask questions

And Saxony, a Crafter in hiding who will stop at nothing to avenge her family

With the reluctant saviours assembled, they embark on a quest to put an end to the dark magic before it’s too late. But even if they can take down the kingpin and save the realm, the one thing they can’t do is trust each other.

My Review

With thanks to Tina Mories for providing an arc copy to review. I was very intrigued into this magical adventure.

This story is full of adventure, magic and loyalties to be found in unexpected places.

This story is based more around the dark side of magic, people using magic that is not allowed or unknowingly very dangerous. I thought this was quite refreshing for a magical storyline.

The story begins with the introduction to Tavia and her life, we then meet Wesley, Saxony and Karam along the way.

You read about what they do at that point in the story, their current predicaments and their past, how they are linked to each other.

They have the fight to overrun the Kingpin, who uses Crafters for his own advantage to the expenditure of their lives and freedom.

As the story begins to develop sides are created, the war begins. Wesley gathers groups along with his allies and those who feel now is the time to fight, get back their city – Creije.

I personally enjoyed the book more towards the end, to find out more about the characters past, the crafters and questions were answered.

Tavia I felt was a strong character, fun, cheeky, and loved to push the boundaries!

There is a lot to take on with this story, but keep with it. You will find the most in-depth magical fighting scenes, history of magical people along with their family and friendships. Friendships that are also tested to the breaking point!

The end will make you want more!

You can purchase it here at Amazon.

Smalltown Boy by T.S. Hunter #review #LGBT @TSHunter5 @RedDogtweets



It’s Christmas Eve, 1988 and Russell and Joe are among the guests at a lavish party in a celebrity mansion in the heart of Soho.

Television presenter and national treasure, Nathan Bentley has a formidable reputation for legendary parties—with wall-to-wall celebrities, drink flowing, drugs, dancing, ill-tempered Cordon-Bleu chefs laying on the food and world famous musicians providing the entertainment. What could be better for a bunch of waifs and strays on Christmas Eve?

But when a body is found in the courtyard garden before the dessert has been served, questions begin to fly. Did he fall or was he pushed? And who of the many guests and hangers-on had either the means or motive for murder?

Hidden pasts and present jealousies all threaten to destroy a life carefully built in this festive crime caper set in the heart of London’s Soho.


My Review

With thanks to Dylan for providing the final e-copy book to this fabulous series, that I have enjoyed so far.

After reading the rest of the books in this series, I was very much looking forward to the next adventure and to see what happens to DI Skinner – one character that needs to get what he deserves!

The storyline was once again fast paced and a great joy to read! Amazingly, it provided such a great story in such a short book. For me this makes it all the more fun to read, to squeeze in a novella, within a few days with the most exciting story to read.

Nathan Bentley is part of the celebrity world and has decided to celebrate Christmas with a very lavish party! Russell and Joe who have been the main characters from the beginning, have been invited to join Nathan, along with their partners Freddie and Mike. Of course our favourite drag queen – Patty comes dressed perfect for the occasion! I adore the banter and the relationships these characters have.

As the party comes into full swing, there are ex-lovers and secrets that bring this party to an almighty finale! As questions are asked, Russell and Joe spend time with the people at the party to investigate and find out more! My favourite part is when they decide to all get involved, which brings an exciting end to this SOHO series, which I will dearly miss!

It is definitely a must read, along with the rest!

Buy it here at Amazon or at Red Dog Press.

The Counterplot by Dai George and Narrated by Harry Myers #audiobook #guestpost @audibleuk @midaspr @dai_r_george #TheCounterplot


It’s 1605 in London, and Ben Jonson, a contemporary of Shakespeare, is finding life a struggle. With his career waning and his patron, Lord D’Aubigny, growing tired of him, he throws caution to the wind and writes a satirical play, Eastward Ho! But its laughs at the expense of the monarch cost Jonson dearly, and he lands in jail with his reputation in tatters.

On his release, he searches for his estranged wife, Anne, and discovers that his own long absences and the deaths of their three children from the plague have led her to take comfort with a furtive crew of ardent papists.

Out of concern for his wife, Ben becomes entangled with this seditious group and learns of a violent plot its members are hatching. When this plot – the infamous Gunpowder Plot – is exposed, Ben and his wife find their own lives in danger.

Set in the London of Shakespeare’s heyday, The Counterplot is a mix of historical novel and gripping adventure.

Inspiration and Research for The Counterplot

The initial idea for The Counterplot came to me almost a decade ago, in a class I was taking for my MA at Columbia University with James Shapiro, the great Shakespeare scholar and author of 1599. He’s the major influence I should acknowledge from the get-go: his work situating Shakespeare and his peers in the actual milieu of early modern London made a big impact on me. Suddenly they all seemed like people, not myths – people with particular political, religious and emotional drives. The class I took with Shapiro was on 1606, the subject of his next big book on Shakespeare, but while we studied the broader context of that year, and the fallout from the Gunpowder Plot, the character who kept popping up and fascinating me – often in quite disreputable and dangerous situations – was the playwright Ben Jonson. Add in a heady dose of Hilary Mantel, and my project was underway.

To research Jonson, I immersed myself in more or less scholarly biographies, the most useful and up-to-date of which is Ian Donaldson’s. The trick when writing about a historical figure is to preserve what we know about them while inventing – plausibly, but entertainingly – what we don’t. Jonson’s life left plenty of tantalising gaps that I hope I was able to fill, in ways that won’t completely horrify the historians. 

The other major context I had to grapple with was of course the Gunpowder Plot, though here I was conscious of paddling in the shallow end of a vast body of literature, built up over the centuries out of all sorts of conflicting motives. (James Travers’s Gunpowder was a sane and trusty antidote, filled with useful timelines and sources.) Quite quickly, I had to throw off any pretence at objectivity and just run with the story, which is about one man struggling to establish himself in the world, and becoming entangled in the Plot against his will.        

The Counterplot Blog Tour

Leo and the Lightening Dragons by Gill White @FledglingPress @leolightdragons @LoveBooksGroup #charity #dragons #review


Everybody in the kingdom is supporting the brave knight Leo in his battle against his fearsome dragons. They try lots of different things to help him defeat them but eventually Leo realises that the most important thing to do is to believe in himself. This beautifully illustrated book with a poignant and uplifting rhyming story encourages children to persevere and find strength in the face of adversity, even when it seems that nothing is working. Written by Gill White for her son Leo who suffers from Ohtahara Syndrome, an extremely rare form of epilepsy, and beautifully illustrated by Fife artist Gilli B, this story has been positively received by parents of children with complex needs, by care workers and medical staff and by parents of healthy young children who love the book simply as an adventure story. All royalties from the sale of this book will go to CHAS (Children’s Hospices across Scotland).  

My Review

With thanks to Kelly for providing a paperback copy of this amazing book about Leo.

I took time to read the introduction about what this book was about and who for, purely to understand what the background of the story was to achieve for the reader.

I loved this book and so did my nine year old, she thought it was fascinating, brightly coloured and the storyline was fun and easy to follow!

I enjoyed the way the story is about the dragons being inside and the fight needed to get rid of them. The potions to help him – doctors I presume, the cuddles from mummy and daddy, along with the support of the villages – friends and family in Leo’s real life.

The persistence that Leo faces everyday in his life must be very hard, this story book shows the reader how hard it can be with the ‘lightening crackling’ inside his head – those dragons! His fight is a daily one and it is good to see from the story that his final deed was to made the bravest knight of all!

Oh and look out for the cheeky tabby cat throughout the story!

A magical, engaging and enchanting story to enjoy for all ages. I would definitely recommend this book for so many reasons, not only that all royalties will go to CHAS (Children’s Hospices Across Scotland).

Purchase it here at Amazon.


Bella by RM Francis @Wildpressed @LoveBooksTours @rmfrancis #CoverReveal #Bella

A spectre has haunted Netherton for generations.
Everyone has a theory, no one has an answer.
The woods that frame the housing estate uncover a series of heinous acts, drawing onlookers into a space of clandestine, queer sexuality: a liminal space of abject and uncanny experience.

A question echoes in the odd borderlands of being, of fear-fascination, attraction-repulsion, of sex and death…

Who put Bella down the Wych-Elm?

********** Cover Reveal **********

Bella front cover
Bella full cover

About the Author

R. M. Francis is a writer from Dudley. He completed his PhD at the University of Wolverhampton for a project titled Queering the Black Country and graduated from Teesside University for his Creative Writing MA.

He’s the author of four poetry chapbooks, Transitions (The Black Light Engine Room Press, 2015), Orpheus (Lapwing Publications, 2016), Corvus’ Burnt-Wing Love Balm and Cure-All (The Black Light Engine Room Press, 2018) and Lamella, (Original Plus, 2019).

RMFrancis - large

Vile by Keith Crawford @LoveBooksTours @keithcrawford77 #promo

Vile Ebook cover 1600 x 2560 (1)

Elianor Paine is a Magistrate of the Peace in the Kingdom of Trist and a republican secret agent. She has 6 days to subvert her investigation, supplant war-hero Lord Vile, then coerce his adult children to start a revolution, before her masters discover the truth and have her killed. Just how far is she willing to go? And can she change the world without changing herself?

Buy Link – Amazon

Author Bio

Keith Crawford is a retired Navy Officer, a disabled veteran, a Doctor of Law & Economics, a barrister, a stay-at-home Dad, and a writer. He has written for collections of scholarly works, academic journals, and newspapers including The Economist. He has had more than thirty plays recorded or produced for stage, been listed in a variety of short story competitions (in spite of his hatred of short stories), and runs a radio production company, www.littlewonder.website, which regularly runs competitions promoted by the BBC to help find, develop and encourage new writers.

In 2014 he was lecturing at Sciences Po in Paris and negotiating a contract to write a book on banking regulation, when he and his wife discovered to their delight that they were due to have their first child. Rather than writing more work that would only be read by his poor students, and then misquoted by politicians, he decided he would do his bit to stick his fingers up at the patriarchy and stay home to look after his own kids rather than the grown-up kids of rich people. Two more children swiftly followed. Keith has discovered that if you recite Stick Man backwards you get the lyrics to AD/DC’s Highway to Hell.

This (looking after the kids, not satanic rites with Stick Man) allowed him to support his wife’s career, which appears to be heading for the stratosphere, and also gave him the space to write about swordfights and explosions. And spaceships. All of which are more fun than banking regulation. As an extension to his work in radio production, he set up his own small press, and his first novel, Vile, is due to be published in December 2019. More novels will swiftly follow, like buses in countries that don’t privatise the bus companies.

Keith Crawford (1)


Kill Code by Clive Fleury @clivefleury #guestpost #KillCode



The year 2031. Our future. Their present. A world decimated by climate catastrophe, where the sun’s heat is deadly and the oceans rise higher every day. A world ruled by the rich, powerful, and corrupt. A world where a good man can’t survive for long.

Hogan Duran was a good man once: a good cop, forced to resign in disgrace when he couldn’t save his partner from a bullet. Now Hogan lives on the fraying edges of society, serving cruel masters and scavenging trash dumps just to survive.

But after four years of living in poverty, Hogan finally gets the chance to get back on his feet. He’s invited to join the National Security Council, the powerful paramilitary organization responsible for protecting the rich and powerful from the more unsavory elements of society. All he needs to do is pass their deadly entrance exam, and he’ll be rewarded with wealth and opportunity beyond his wildest dreams.

But this ex-cop’s path to redemption won’t be easy. The NSC is hiding something, and as Hogan descends deeper and deeper into their world, he starts to uncover the terrible truth of how the powerful in this new society keep their power…and just how far they’ll go to protect their secrets.

In a world gone wrong, can one good man actually make a difference? Or will he die trying?

The Long And The Short Of It

I write short books. There, I’ve said it, but boy was that hard. There seems to be a heck of a lot of prejudice against authors who write short books.

It’s not as if I ever wanted to write a short novel. When I dreamed of writing novels, I always had this image in my head of completing a massive tome of over six hundred pages – something that would truly impress. If you bought it at an airport you could happily sit on the plane and fly to Australia and still have more pages to read by the time you arrived. And the world and I were in step. Just as more and more people seem to be getting fatter and fatter, so novels are published with more and more pages.

There’s always been thick books of course, As a kid some books that were revered, that were pronounced as classics, were sometimes very, very long. The Russians seemed particularly good at writing long novels. Anna Karenina is 864 pages and that’s not particularly impressive by Tolstoy’s standards.  His book War and Peace is an interminable 1,225 pages. Now grapple with the number of trees cut down to supply the demand for people wanting to read his novels. I’m surprised Russia isn’t completely deforested by now.

But forget the Ruskies. Forget Tolstoy. Think about the French. Not the baguettes or the Eiffel Tower or their seemingly flung on ‘without a moment’s thought’ fashion look… No I’m talking about Marcel Proust. He was in a class of his own. Let’s start with his name.  At first sight what could be simpler. Two words… Marcel and Proust. Except it wasn’t. Back in 1871 his parents, seemingly recognized that their newborn baby wouldn’t be someone content to write two hundred page novels. They may even have given him the idea that ridiculously long was the way to go by calling him Valentin Louis Georges Eugene Marcel Proust. Yep, maybe they started it all. But he ended it by cocking a snook at the Russians and writing ‘In Search of Lost Time’ which boasts a monumental 4,215  pages. Admittedly it was published in seven parts but it’s still the same book!

Americans, never ones to want to miss out on a trend, really started to join in in the mid sixties. Before then there were long books – for instance Moby Dick runs to 585 page, and Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, 581 pages.  They are not in the Marcel Proust league but still long. However most novels, even the classics, were much shorter. To Kill a Mocking Bird 281 pages, The Great Gatsby 148 pages, or something in my own genre of Science Fiction, Farenheit 451, runs for only 158 pages. Somehow they managed to tell stories that would be read for generations without the need to destroy numerous forests.

For what happened next in America I blame Arthur Hailey, Harold Robbins, Jacqueline Susann… to name but a few. In the sixties they wrote what became known as ‘airport books’.  These were not great literary feats, but books intended for entertainment, and as the name suggests to be perused on planes, on beaches, on holidays. And once they sold well, and they did… in their millions…the publishers had a light bulb moment. They all agreed… the way to sell more books was to make them longer, so long in fact that even the writers got bored and started to forget the characters they were writing about!

Addicted to drugs and gambling, Harold Robbins hated writing, but needed the money he made from it. He would frequently quit a book midway through when he’d written a mere 300 pages, spend the advance, and then be forced to finish it – completing to the requisite 600 plus pages. In the hiatus he often forgot about the characters and the story arc but that didn’t stop him. He went on regardless, which could be problematic. When his agent pointed out that Harold had changed the name of his principal character, and his physical description in one of his books, the author was unrepentant. “Leave it as it is,” he said, “my readers will never notice.” And they didn’t. He didn’t get one complaint! His readers clearly appreciated the novel for its length rather than its content.

Which brings me back to my confession. My book, Kill Code: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel, is a mere one hundred and fifty or so pages long in paperback.  And although my publishers TCK Publishing were fine with its length many wouldn’t have been. They will only take books of over sixty or seventy thousand words. Imagine. Without even reading a word, books like the Great Gatsby would be tossed out by these publishers. Too short they would murmur. This F. Scott Fitzgerald clearly can’t write. Ray Bradbury? Who is this know nothing alleged science fiction writer. Doesn’t he know books should be at least six hundred pages.

Now, I’m not making comparisons with these authors or their talent, but I am saying enough of the ‘it’s too short’ approach.  Books are not about sexual prowess. If it takes you six hundred pages to tell your tale good for you. If you can tell a good story in one hundred and fifty pages, that’s good too. The story is the thing! And isn’t it about time publishers realized this too.

My unashamedly short book, “Kill Code: A Science Fiction Novel,”  – the first in a trilogy – can be purchased at Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble


I am an award-winning writer of books and screenplays, and a TV and film director and producer. I have worked for major broadcasters and studios on a wide variety of successful projects in the US, UK, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

You can contact me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/clivefleury

Or through my website: https://www.clivefleurywriter.com


Horned Winged Blessed by E L Croucher #extract


About The Book

Follow Joan on her adventure of discovery, as she learns the hard way that her post-apocalyptic utopia isn’t always full of rainbows and Merlot.

Yes, she lives on the nicer side of the settlement, as the daughter of the Mother Founder. But after a life-threatening attack on her home, she soon realises that many out there are against the Silver Party regime.

Horned Winged Blessed is the story of one girl fighting against a tyrannous government, elected to power amidst the unending chaos of World War III. Heavily enriched in their pagan values, the Silver Party are to thank for pulling Broken Britain up from the brink of a depression, but at what cost?

Will Joan decide to take down the Silver Party from the inside…

…or will she go on to fight alongside the rebel faction that allures her so intensely?

Title: Horned Winged Blessed

Author: E L Croucher

Category:LGBTQ+ Dystopian Fiction

Publication Date: 29thNovember 2019 (Pre-release as of 10thNov)


Editor: Jake Ratcliff

Cover Artist:Dawn M Larder

Buy Links

Amazon UKAmazon US


“He said that you represent them… the enemy. There’s something about you, and I see it too.” She has no idea how right she is in this exact moment. It’s almost frightening.

“Maybe I don’t want all that though, did anyone ever consider that?”

“We don’t always get to choose what we stand for, Luna. I didn’t. I’m here, fighting this fight because I have to be.”

“You have to be?” I’m confused. What is she saying? “For Matthew?”

“No, not him. He means the world to me, that’s no secret. But no. Not him. Luna, look at me.” I submit and do as she says. We put our wine glasses to the side. “I didn’t go through what I did in the previous world to live as a stupid, suppressed ‘Blessed one’. No way. And neither did any of my other sisters. Do you understand me? I’m a woman. Not a trans woman. Not anything else. A woman. The minute I’m defined as a subcategory is the minute my identity stops being up to me. I haven’t fought to become who I am – and was always meant to be – just to have it dictated to me by a bunch of crazies.”

Suddenly she stands up, and walks over to my kitchen surface. One drawer after another, she searches for something. The wine is on the table, so it can’t be that. Then, she pauses when she finds whatever it is she’s looking for. A small dagger, given to me by a guy I could’ve fallen for, once upon a time. It stands for everything she stands for. For me, it’s a symbol of what could’ve been. A night’s warmth. A fleeting memory.

About E L Croucher

E L Croucher is a young author, living in London. She started writing over two years, with her first novel The Butterfly on Fire, which she published on Amazon. Alongside her career as a writer, she works as a Japanese translator and interpreter for a well-known Japanese gaming company, after studying Japanese at university and living in Tokyo, Japan.

Her latest novel, Horned Winged Blessedis an ironic look into a world in which gender roles are swapped, and minorities are forced into labels that they did not choose. With a mix of feminist views and a pro-LGBTQ+ stance, E L Croucher writes to further her dream of a world free from prejudice, hate-crimes and bullying.

Follow her story on her website or find her on social media:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

ELCroucher.com| Emi Louise Croucher| @emi13230

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Cookie! by Konnie Huq @Konnie_Huq @TinaMories @PiccadillyPress #review #fun #Science #friendships #cookiebyKonnie


Cookie’s Life is a Disaster!

Not only is her best friend moving away, but now the most ANNOYING boy in the world is buying the kitten she has set her heart on! And then he joins her class at school!! An then he moves in next door!! AAGGGGHHHHH!!!!

But there is a glimmer of hope,  and Cookie’s love of science is about to come in handy …

My Review

With thanks to Tina for providing a hardback copy to review. I have two children myself and I wanted to find out more about this fascinating character and to encourage my two children to also enjoy this story.

This book is full of laughs, not only for children, it is for adults too! There are references from when Cookie’s parents do things she doesn’t understand why, but as an adult we can appreciate it.

I loved the little sketches throughout the book, it gives the reader a little break from reading the main story and adds more character, ideal for some of the younger readers – keeping them engaged.

I also adored how this book includes lots of education, not only in Science itself and I adore the ‘how to’ creations in the back (my daughter has already asked to have a go, at a few!), it also talks about misunderstandings in relationships, diversity in different families, along with how we behave towards others, especially if we don’t talk about our feelings.

The passionate love for Cookie to have a pet and the reasons why she wanted or didn’t want some of the animals was really funny, in some I could relate to.

Cookie’s a character that you will grow to easily love and appreciate, she does what we either all did or do at her age. Her stubbornness, strengths and knowing what she wants, gives her lessons to learn, while appreciating what she can achieve.

This is definitely one to read, I loved every moment, learning about Cookie and her feelings to what she gets up to.

I can see more stories about Cookie in the future, she is a fascinating, loveable, creative and addictive character to read about!

You can purchase it here from Amazon.