The perfect Christmas gift from Britain’s best-loved saga author.


Ruby Carter works hard in her parents’ bakery. Whilst life isn’t easy, she’s happy enough – her gentle mother protects young Ruby from her cruel father and loves her unconditionally. So, when her mother falls seriously ill, Ruby is heartbroken. Then, from her deathbed, her mother reveals that Ruby was adopted.

Stricken by grief and alone with the violent man she called her father, Ruby feels she has no choice but to flee. At just fifteen, homeless and alone she is relieved when a kindly stranger named Mrs Bamber takes pity on poor Ruby and welcomes her into her home.

But soon, Ruby learns Mrs Bamber is not as generous as she first seemed – she forces Ruby into a life of crime as a jewel thief in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter. With nothing to her name and nowhere to go Ruby has no choice but to go along with it, despite the guilt and shame she feels. But Ruby is determined that she will atone for what she’s done, and be reunited with her birth parents.

Ruby’s only wish is to find her family.

My review

With thanks to Eleanor at Zaffe Books for providing a beautiful hardback copy of, A Simple Wish.

This was one thoroughly enjoyable read, from the very start you are thrown into the vivid environment and lively, adaptable characters. The storyline keeps you gripped which I found unusual, as I’m so used to murder mystery stories providing this, however I felt it kept me wanting to know more, what was going to happen next, where was this story going to take me.

At every stage I really felt a connection with the characters especially Ruby, who is strong and determined. She is relentless to find the answers she seeks, regardless of how emotional and heartbreaking it was.

The surroundings are so clear, that you feel you are also one of the characters within the story.

From start to finish this story was a beautiful and emotional read, this would make an ideal Christmas read (any time of the year to be honest!).

Purchase it here at Amazon.

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