Drawing on more than a decade’s experience working with former tennis World Number One Sir Andy Murray, The Way of the Tortoise introduces you to the benefits of the slow lane and reveals why it’s the only true path to a high-performance mindset.

Taking inspiration from Aesop’s well-known fable of the Hare and the Tortoise, internationally renowned trainer Matt Little recognizes that there is no fast path to success. By focusing on immediate results, we can gloss over process in the race to get ahead, skipping over the lessons and experiences that we all need to build solid foundations for our future achievements. Matt shows that taking the slow lane can not only help you reach your goals more effectively, it can make your successes more sustainable by increasing your motivation, energy and resilience. Packed full of examples from the highly adaptable worlds of sport and business, as well as Matt’s own remarkable career, The Way of the Tortoise reveals, through practical exercises and techniques, the essential strategies we can all use to achieve extraordinary results.

My review

With thanks to Kelly at Love Books Group for my hardback copy to review.

This book as a whole provides you with the knowledge and understanding to build on your confidence, to use this to increase your resilience, to take on challenges and be confident in what you do, while doing it at a steady pace.

This book is written with the background history of where the knowledge has come from, this allowed me to appreciate where the help was developed and how it was used to become successful. I especially liked the evaluation stages – helping you see where you could improve.

I also enjoyed reading about the evidence of strategies and techniques to use, the way it is written would be suitable for anyone wanting to get something out of their lives and careers. The idea of the tortoise and the hare – the classic story, was a very good way to make this process easier to understand and relate to.

If you are looking for a self help book with sound support and easy to understand strategies this is one for you.

You can purchase it here from Amazon.

Author Bio
Matt Little has been working as a strength and conditioning coach in elite-level tennis for over fifteen years and has been an integral part of Sir Andy Murray’s team for twelve years, including during 2016 when Murray won Olympic gold, Wimbledon and became World Number One. He is an internationally recognized leader in his industry and in demand as a public speaker on a vast range of subjects, including youth development, and strength and conditioning. 

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