Who do you trust when everyone has a secret?

When single mother Rowan joins her Uncle Jack’s detective agency she doesn’t expect his murder to be her first case. To find out who is responsible for his death she will need to solve another mystery, the disappearance of Jack’s best friend 30 years earlier.

Someone doesn’t want Rowan digging up the past and they’re prepared to go to any lengths to keep their secrets hidden. Can she stand up to the danger, protect her daughter and bring a murderer to justice?

My review

With huge thanks to Love Books Tours for inviting me to join this blog tour and providing a paperback copy to review.

This story is gripping from the very beginning and keeps you enticed to find out more, as the story develops. The character I adored most was Rowan, she has been welcomed into her uncles home with her daughter, it had become her home and safe haven, however with things turning for the worst, her uncle is killed and she needs to use her detective skills to find out who and why.

The journey that she takes to find out more about her uncles background and past, has many dangerous turns, asking more questions and creating more mystery – which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Rowan has had her own family problems and it is clear to see why in the story. She needs to work out who she can trust to support her, to solve this mystery. Rowan’s dedication to her detective job and her sometimes ‘gun ho’ attitude gets the results she wants, regardless of the consequences.

The book as a whole with its believable characters and plot were a joy to devour. I appreciated the writers quality and depth in the storyline, so I definitely feel that I can see many more Rowan McFarlane mysteries being born.

This is definitely one to look out for.

Author Bio
Born in the Kingdom of Fife, Angela spent her teenage years in Penzance before returning to Scotland. She has had a varied career from Nursery Nurse to Bank Manager before becoming a full-time writer. Her Rowan McFarlane Mysteries are set in the fictional town of Cuddieford, which lies somewhere between Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy. Angela now lives with her husband in Fife, looking out on the River Forth where she can easily see her favourite bridge. When she is not writing she can be found walking the coast or touring the countryside in her campervan.

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