Homicidal Thoughts? Don’t bottle them up – buy the year’s most exciting psychological thriller. A killer read you’ll never forget.

Keir Rothwell is an angry young man. 

Spurned by his lover and mentor and ejected from his art school, he is lost – but determined this will not be the end of his artistic endeavours. 

A new job in a local wine shop gives Keir a creative outlet – a chance to turn shop floor drudgery into an original work of art. But his wine critiques mock the shop’s clientele and tension builds on both sides of the counter. 

When his new project is threatened, conflict becomes murder and long buried secrets threaten to destroy the artist. But Keir Rothwell will not be undone.

My review

With huge thanks to Lizzie from Red Door Books for sending a paperback copy, to review for this blog tour.

From the very front cover I knew this was one very exciting and chilling book to enjoy!

The first part of the book you get to know all about Keir Rothwell, an artist with a twist, he is passionate, arrogant and does things his way, however his love for being an artist is more than just a passion!

I absolutely loved Kier’s attitude towards others and the way he opens his mouth before thinking, which I personally don’t think he would care regardless. His character is a lively one, with everyone he comes into contact with remembering him, whether you wished to or not. He’s a character that you love to hate!

As the story develops bringing you into Keir’s life, ambitions and emotions, I did wonder where the book was going to take me, as he gets kicked out of the Art school and begins a new job in a wine shop, I thought I was loosing the plot of the story, wondering where murder was going to happen. However, it throws you into the deep end where Kier finally loses it and becomes the crazed character, I became to love!

There is a huge turn of circumstances from Kier becoming well known in the wine shop, with customers either enjoying his talents and others loathing what he does.

With a murder and assault taking place very close together, are they linked and can the detective peel away the clues to resolve this murder, which he feels could become too close to home.

The relationship he has with his cat, was in itself quite amusing and I wonder if the cat knew the conversations Kier has with it, the fact that the cat was fed well, I don’t think it would matter.

I really enjoyed the ending where it is seen from a different point of view, a journalist reveals more about Kier and how he sees himself as untouchable, with no downfalls.

The author has created a masterpiece here, a very chilling and dark story, a must read!

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