A woman lies dead in a bombed-out house. A tragic casualty of the Blitz? Or something more sinister? Sixty years later, the detective’s daughter unearths the truth… From the number 1 bestselling author of The Detective’s Daughter.

LONDON, 1940

Several neighbours heard the scream of the woman in the bombed-out house. One told the detective she thought the lady had seen a mouse. Another said it wasn’t his business what went on behind closed doors. None of them imagined that a trusting young woman was being strangled by her lover.


Beneath the vast stone arches of Tewkesbury Abbey, a man lies bleeding, close to death. He is the creator of a true-crime podcast which now will never air. He was investigating the murder of a 1940s police pathologist – had he come closer to the truth than he realised?

Stella Darnell has moved to Tewkesbury to escape from death, not to court it. But when this man dies in her arms, Stella, impelled to root out evil when she finds it, becomes determined to hunt down his killer and to bring the secrets he was searching for into the light…

My Review

With thanks to Head of Zeus Books for inviting me to join this fabulous blog tour and this very intriguing and exciting book!

I have not previously read the books in this series beforehand, so I was a little worried I might miss some of the character structure, however I was not disappointed and I feel this could easily be read as a standalone.

From the very beginning of this book you are engrossed within the storyline, with clear descriptions of the atmosphere and what the characters are dealing with, giving this story a gripping start!

The story is based within two timelines one in London 1940s and the other Tewkesbury 2019, brought together by a murder of many years ago, that might be connected to a recent day murder or two! The connection between the two timelines was linked together well, giving you gripping and chilling information, to digest to help you guess who could be involved.

Stella Darnell has her own cleaning company but becomes intrigued into the world of investigation and murder, following in her fathers footsteps, obviously you may know this from the previous books, however I learnt a lot about her character, her employees and who helps her in these investigations. With conversations being in-depth and intriguing, you get to know their patterns of thought and method of deduction.

This story will keep you guessing til the very end, with nothing given away at any point. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, with its intriguing storyline, engaging characters and mysterious plot, a definite must read!

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About the author

Lesley Thomson is the author of the Detective’s Daughter series of West London-set mysteries featuring private investigators Stella, a cleaner, and Jack, a tube driver. The first novel, The Detective’s Daughter, became an ebook phenomenon in 2013, staying at number 1 in the digital charts for 3 months. Since then, the series has gone on to sell 800,000 copies worldwide. Lesley is an active member of the UK crimewriting community, and appeared at several crime festivals in 2019, including CrimeFest, Harrogate, Morecambe & Vice and Capital Crime. She lives in Lewes with her partner and her dog.

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