They were never supposed to happen to each other.

A love such as theirs was never supposed to endure, not in the highly controlled society of The Sectors.

Yet, a chance encounter at dinner led to breakfast at a diner down the road. They each thought they had found their perfect soulmate, but neither could have imagined the awful truth they would face.


Agent Christopher Rockford has been the best assassin in the agency for eight years, and he loves his job. He loves his solitary lifestyle. He loves keeping the world safe by getting rid of anarchists who threaten their orderly society. He loves his comfortable life as a member of the wealthy Coastal upper class.

But in pursuit of a target, he meets Jenna, a mysterious civilian who belongs to society’s lowest and most shunned group. Meeting her is a life-changing experience. She makes him feel for the first time, and he is instantly captivated.

She boldly stands in the face of everything he has ever known and was taught to believe. He begins to see the world through her eyes, causing him to question his job, his lifestyle, and The Order he so obediently serves. It’s not long before he can’t imagine his life without her.

There’s just one problem: He knows she would leave him if she ever found out about his job. He knows this because he asked her how she felt about assassins in their government, and she was utterly disgusted with the idea, even though she believes their existence is just a myth.

As their relationship grows and intensifies, he knows he cannot keep the truth from her for long.

But Jenna has her own secrets to keep.

Set in an orderly world of near-perfect surveillance, genetically modified humans, and extreme socioeconomic divide, The Unexpected Inlander will take you through Chris’s journey of self-discovery and learning that change begins within.

My review

With thanks to Kellyn for sending me an arc copy to review, I regret not making time for this amazing book, to the point the Kellyn sent me her final revised copy recently! I promised to review by the end of May and I am very glad I do so – it is an amazing adventure, with a mix of everything you would expect from a fabulous writer!

The scene is set with Chris Rockford – the assassin, on one of his missions to eliminate a family that caused mayhem and destruction in this modern day world, of modifeds and purebreds.

When Chris completes his mission the intricate ways of thought patterns on how to complete the mission, along with any alternatives should things not go to plan, I thought were very well written. Being a fan of the classic 007, I thought Chris’ methods were clear and thrilling to read, bringing depth and character to the scenes portrayed, they were clean and not gory.

The whole process of The Order and the government that hold secure the information and the missions that require completing was only slightly mentioned, which I felt was perfect to understand what they were about, you read about the different areas in the New World where people lived, what they were like and how different they were. Depending on if your parents chose for you to be a modified at birth. The restrictions were clear to see, the way people were treated and the way you lived depended on the area where you were, which also dictated your life style. This was awful to see how if you didn’t choose the new way the government had told you to live, then you didn’t receive any benefits, unless you had enough money to pay your way through it. However, it was fascinating seeing how things could be should this be our future!

The storyline was cleverly written to include this new way of living, the science behind it, how people lived and how it was governed, along with an unexpected love story.

The love story part of this book I really enjoyed reading about, how Chris and Jenna meet, what their relationship was about, how they got to know each other, giving time to their relationship I thought was perfect. Their surroundings described sympathetically, providing atmosphere to the characters and what they were feeling.

As the story turns and twists into a new area of concern, I did suspect where it was going and I was right to feel something wasn’t going to go well. As suspicions and feelings of the unknown become clear, there is something that Chris must explain to Jenna. They both know what is about to be said. This is also well described, a disagreement with passion and what I like most about this and other conversations within the book, is that they are not long drawn out, it comes straight to the point, so you can move onto the next part of their adventure!

I really enjoyed reading this book, it has depth to the characters and the surroundings feel real. It was easy to read and the flow of the story was easy to follow and understand. It also has a good mix of different parts of the story, that come together really well especially in the end. With viewpoints from Chris and Jenna throughout and what they are thinking and feeling, you are not left wondering what the other may be thinking or going through.

I would definitely recommend this book, I enjoyed it from start to finish, a very speedy read!

You can purchase the book here at Amazon.

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