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Set on the coast of Portsmouth and the beautiful Loire Valley, this is the story of Anna. A married mother of three, the unremarkable rock of her family is content with her life until she discovers that Matthew, her husband of 22 years, is having an affair.

Consumed by hurt and tainted memories, Anna’s life is turned upside down by first betrayal and then loss. Her confidence totally destroyed, she is tormented by the spectre of Matthew’s unknown lover. Whilst keeping the secret of his affair from her family, Anna must find her way through the pain alone.

With one son on the other side of the world, another about to enter a war zone and her daughter off to university, her life gradually begins to crumble. A shock discovery, an unwelcome revelation and an advert in a magazine are the catalysts for her road to recovery.

Can Anna find peace and learn to love again?

My Mood Board Inspiration.

Before I begin to write, whether it’s Women’s Fiction or the Crime genre, I compile many lists and carry out research into the crucial plot line, so that the basic elements of the story are embedded in my head. I have to know the names of the main characters, what they look like, where they live and what they do. As the story progresses I add new characters, use names of people I know, especially my dearer relatives because it’s a way of remembering them. Obviously I have some fun with the baddies and anyone who has crossed me will find themselves in a lesser and unfavourable role!

With my French Series of books, I had such a great deal stored in my head, memories of days out, buying our house in the Loire, our neighbours and friends and also, lots of photographs. While much of what I write is pure fiction, in each book there are real life characters with new identities, anecdotes of actual events, snippets of days out and family dramas, all rolled into one to produce a tale of the Loire countryside and the people who live there.

Food and wine is a huge part of the French way of life and I expect two of the reasons why holidaymakers head there each year. For this reason I attempt to transport the reader to the Loire, allowing them to sample some of the culinary delights, even if it’s only in their imagination. The same goes for the visual experience, the sight of rolling hills dotted with vineyards, fields abundant with crops, wheat, maize and sunflowers, not forgetting the golden rolls of hay that languish in the summer sun, drying out for winter.

There are days at the seaside to relate, trips to the city, farm fairs, oyster picking, underground wine caves, glorious chateau excursions, even the supermarket can be an interesting place.

While I can picture all this in my head, I like to create a mood board and have it close by, so that when I look up I can see the images, a reminder and focus, a few seconds of escapism that I then transfer to paper.

Here are some images of my Loire, a sneaky peak into my mind and what makes my brain tick.

All of the images appear in my books at some point and the rest, I will leave to your imagination because I want you to picture your own Rosie and Ruby, Anna and her family, but as for Pippa the bulldog, there can be only one and I’ve included one of my favourite snaps of her doing what she does best.

Have a lovely summer everyone and if you do read the books, I hope you enjoy them.

A Bientôt !


About the Author

Patricia Dixon was born in Manchester where she still lives with her husband. They have two grown up children and one grandson.

Ignoring her high school reports and possibly sound advice from teachers, Patricia shunned the world of academia and instead, stubbornly pursued a career in fashion. Once the sparkle of London life wore off she returned north and embarked on a new adventure, that of motherhood.

Now, almost thirty years later she has acquiesced to the wise words of her elders and turned her hand to writing. Patricia has written a total of eight novels, the latest is due for release in March 2019.

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Patricia Dixon

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